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Designer Pirate’s Cove Fairy Garden

Items Included:
• Pirate treasure chest
• Large green gem
• The Pirate Captain with hook hand and his trusted companion parrot
• Large cave full of pirate treasures
• A Skeleton well
• Large assortment of gems
• A cabin boy
• Large pirate skeleton
• A deserted vase with greenery
• A stone
• A treasure chest
• Pirate Skeleton
• Remainder of bones
• Pirate coins
• Greenery
• Treasure chest
• Behind the stone: The First Mate
• The shipwreck “The Lost Pearl”
• The Pirate Captain Gazing upon “The Pearl”
• Large pirate scull
• Cabin boy
• Green and blue artificial plant
• Large shell with pearl sitting on a stone with shells
• Assorted sea shells
• Mandy the Mermaid sitting on a rock

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