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About us

About Teelie Turner

Teelie Turner is about to bringing to the marketplace the innovative, the latest, the most beautiful and the most desired products of today.

Let me ask you? - are you a great shopper?

Shopping is an integral part of our lives. Some people perceive shopping of fortune for designer clothes and bags or luxury but it's not, it's REALLY NOT. Our daily activities include buying our daily needs and getting a little or more of what we want. It's important that one knows how to SHOP for sophisticated and quality items but still manage to keep the budget. Everyone loves a great bargain...including myself!

Teelie Turner is also extremely passionate with gardening and has enjoyed creating several Fairy Garden herself. This is the main inspiration for The Wonderful World of Fairies.

Our Fairy Garden Kingdom launch includes several eBooks, short stories, fairy items and pieces and some fab giveaways you don't want to miss!

This site will help you with all your fairy needs and wants.

Be enchanted and experience the magic at our  wonderful world of Fairies.

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