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Fairy Watering Cans, Tools and Pots

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Add this charming country watering can and wheelbarrow to your fairy garden for your fairies to use in taking care of the plants. Have them today!

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Use this glow-in-the-dark mini-pot to light the path in your mini landscape so the fairies can find their way home after dark. Buy Now 

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It just doesn't get tinier than this! A Hen and Chicks in a terra cotta pot is perfect for any fairy garden.

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This fairy garden rustic watering can is gorgeous! Why not have it in your garden today?

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They look great tossed in a wheelbarrow, stacked on a table, or set about the vegetable garden. You can even plant a teeny-tiny plant in them.

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Accent your miniature garden landscape with these three unique wire baskets. Each one has a loop perfect for hanging on our shepherd's hook or scrolled garden hook.

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Fill these mini metal buckets with Easter eggs this Easter!  Buy Now